Migraines can be debilitating for many people and very disruptive to their daily lives. Whether you suffer from 1 time a week or 1 time a month, migraines are painful and impact the quality of your life.

We have several therapies that have documented studies showing their use and improvement in migraine patients.

Neurofeedback and Auditory Visual Stimulation both have studies that support their use to reduce symptoms and frequency of migraines.

New Study published on Migraines: Significant reduction (70%) in Migraines Using Neurofeedback: The study on migraines, published recently in the journal Behavioral and Brain Function, is entitled: “Neurofeedback and Biofeedback with 37 Migraineurs: a clinical outcome study”, by Deborah Stokes, Ph.D. and Martha Lappin. Behavioral and Brain Functions 2010