Are you or someone you know struggling with substance abuse or addiction? Addiction is a life or death situation if it goes untreated. We have specialized assessment and treatment protocols with measurable outcomes to treat addiction. The treatment we offer include cognitive behavioral therapy, neurofeedback, alpha-stim, biofeedback and more depending upon the addicition and the co-occurring issues.

Neurofeedback has been shown to decrease relapse and increase sobriety by up to 77% post 1 year of treatment in studies by Peniston and UCLA. Alpha-stim (CES) assists with the anxiety that many people in recovery are suffering with and assists with managing symptoms and decreases the need to self-medicate to manage the anxiety. HRV biofeedback assists with managing Anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Our Vibroacoustic sound therapy assists with managing anxiety, stress and chronic pain which often play a role in relapse.

Many people believe that there is minimal help for addiction and relapse is inevitable producing a painful and emotional cycle of use. We specialize in the neurorestorative model for treatment that takes the best research outcomes for treatment with the longest abstinent rates published to produce a quality treatment experience with long term change.

For more information about substance abuse and addiction go to our sister organization: Institute for Restoration and Renewal.